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Hi! I'm Doris and I specialize in Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Hair Dreams Microline, Hair Dreams extensions, and Hot Heads. I can make your hair fuller, longer, and more beautiful by using the best product to make you look even more beautiful than you already are. Not only do I put them in, but I've been wearing them for over 5 years - so I understand and appreciate the difference having beautiful hair makes. I also understand the importance of providing you a welcoming, private experience when I explain the options you have available. You can ask me any questions and know that your comfort and privacy is my top concern.
I have been making my clients even more beautiful for over 10 years amd I have a long portfolio of clients and pictures to show the before and after - so you can see for yourself the difference I can make for you.

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The gallery of Gorgeous by Doris clients is made up entirely of actual, unretouched client photos. And I can make your dreams of having longer, thicker hair come true, too!

Thin Hair Options Doris is a certified retailer of the HAIRDREAMS MicroLine system. This is an option for clients who have thinning hair that is not suitable for other types of extensions.

Leslie Porterfield is the world's fastest woman on a motorcycle - AND she is a Gorgeous and Amazing Hair client! (Great Lengths fit easily under a motorcycle helmet.)